Harmondsworth, England

Harmondsworth is mentioned in Domesday Book, its name coming from the Anglo-Saxon Heremōdes worþ, meaning “Heremōd’s enclosure”, or Heremundes worþ, meaning “Heremund’s enclosure”.

Harmondsworth remains an ecclesiastical parish, with the name first recorded in AD 780 when King Offagranted land to his servant Aeldred.

Before 1066 the manor was owned by Harold Godwinson (Earl Harold), and at the Conquest (1066) it passed to William I. In 1069 it was granted by the king, on the suggestion of William FitzOsbern, 1st Earl of Hereford (circa 1020-1071), to the Benedictine Abbey of Holy Trinity, Rouen, afterwards known as St. Catherine’s, which held it in 1086 and then until 1391.


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